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Hidden in the mountains of Singaraja is a secret and sacred space where the Dance for Peace family holds the most incredible underground psy-parties known to man. I was honored to play the opening psytrance set and my gratitude goes out to Andrey for giving me the opportunity. I want to give a shout out to my Russian brothers and sisters – beautiful people whose selection and decoration of party locations is just WOW. Every set and every DJ was perfect – I loved bathing in the frequencies and energies of such amazing people. Magimatic’s custom sound system was the best I’ve ever heard, Radio Dynamica’s new music technology was consciousness-expanding, DJ Gerry graced the stage with his presence (he flew in from Japan just to play!), and Cosmic Sun really kicked things up a few notches when he hit the decks. There was so much incredible performances, sets and energy but here isn’t enough space to list everyone!

1 Original Source by Gaudium
2 Alteza by Vini Vici
3 Psychological Effects by Symbolic and Zen Mechanics
4 Blue by The Commercial Hippies
5 Sacred Space by Daniel Lesden and AudioFire
6 Laws of Nature by Gaudium
7 Naked, Stoned, and Exalted by Zen Mechanics and Future Frequency
8 Pamuya (Suduaya Remix) by E-Mov
9 Agate by Asrix and Ritmo
10 Rise of the Robots (Starlab Remix) by Protonica
11 The Ritual by Sideform
12 Star Sky by Atacama
13 Sapana (Album Version) by Astrix
14 To Another Dimension by Gaudium

Private parties are awesome – we were a small group of night owls enjoying a magic night but magic it was nonetheless. What you hear here is just a small portion of my total set, a set which stretched 6 hours into the night. I’d like to thank all who attended. I love you and look forward to when we meet again.

1. Son of the Sky by Astropilot
2. Moon Drifter by E-Mantra
3. Another World by Sirod
4. Another World by Profondita
5. No Gravity (MobitexRemix) by Unusual Cosmic Process
6. A New Way to Say Hooray (Prometheus Remix) by Shpongle
7. Time and Space by Dense

The Onion Collective is an amazing place for artists of all stripes to meet and collaborate. Yesterday was one of those times. I had the pleasure of playing a Wonderfull improvised set with Mikael Lindqvist playing the sax (Mikael has an awesome Indigogo campaign to help turn the slums of Kibera into a desert flower – please help him out by clicking the link at the bottom). We changed keys, played with tempo, and when I wasn’t transitioning between songs I jumped on the Rhodes to play harmonies to Mikael’s improvised awesomeness. Mikael and I had so much fun I think we are going to do it again for the upcoming open mic in Ubud on Thursday.

1 The Great Shenanigan by Supersyllius
2 Son of the Sky by Astropilot
3 Moon Drifter by E-Mantra
4 G.Axtarm by Sirod
5 Beyond The Seen by Dubsalon
6 Path of Noctrunal by Zymosis
7 Circle Mind (Original Mix) by Squazoid
8 Trail of Nomads (Drumspyder Mix) by Desert Dwellers
9 Gatewick (Vinyl Airport Delay) by Aes Dana
10 Hexagram by Dubsalon

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I’ve never been to such a cool private party – with so many wonderful moments it’s hard to choose favorites; Vavon danced until the sun came up, filling the dance floor with positive vibes as he stomped in time with the music to the “power of the earth”, Johnny came off the decks (holy WOW was his set good – straight up perfect) looking like a winded Demi-god seeking his next victory while still enjoying the first, and Kot was a trooper – he was in a constant battle with the speaker-engines of “space ship earth” and managed to keep the left speaker going till sunrise…it’s due to his valiant efforts that we managed to get through the night unscathed; mission accomplished brother. It was such a good party full of so much positive energy – thank you Julia, Dea, Nasa, Maria, and everyone else who came. I look forward to dancing the night away with all of you again.

1 The Long Way home by Metamorphosis and Adaptive
2 Source Transmission by Ascendant
3 So Far, So Close by Zymosis
4 New Land by Mystic Crock
5 Photosynthesis (featuring Not Lars) by Carbon Based Lifeforms
6 The Water Element by Dreaming Cooper
7 Movements by Dreaming Cooper
8 Summer Breezing by Kuba
9 Salutation to the Planets by Suduaya
10 Shaolin Clouds by Desert Dwellers
11 Artificial Silence by Zymosis

Artwork by Justin Bonnet – please go support this incredible artist at


If you haven’t heard of you should really head over and make sure that the revolution is a psychedelic one. In celebration of my first STEEM earnings I threw a small shindig for a few psychedelic entrepreneurs floating in the cryptocurrency realm – Enjoy the vibes, masters at work!

1 Sonic Noise by Sonic Species vs. Burn in Noise
2 Groove Reaction (Symbolic RMX) by Vertical Mode
3 Double Up by Outsiders
4 Star Sky by Atacama
5 Gateway by Raja Ram and Electric Universe
6 The First and The Last (Mad Maxx Remix) by Sonic Species
7 Awake the Snake by Astrid and Tristan
8 Outside the Box by Outside the Universe and Laughing Buddha

What do you do when you’re at the fabulous Onion co-working space in Ubud and the internet dies? You pull out your sound card and play some tunes till it’s fixed.

1 Dans La Tribu by Hakkah
2 Indivisual Connections by Stefan Torto
3 One Day in India by Ascent and Argus
4 Deep Fried Dub by Motion Drive
5 Night Walker by E-Mantra
6 Open Nature by HuuHaa
7 Universalis (Suduaya Remix) by Astronaut Ape

One of my good friends and fellow psychonauts visited me in Ubud and we got him set up with crypto-currencies during the best time to do so – a pullback. Welcome to the new world brother – it’s just going to get more amazing from here on out. In celebration I decided to hit the decks and dance all night in my special jungle spot. Enjoy!

Track List:
1 Machinery by Daniel Lesden
2 Pamuya (Suduaya Remix) by E-Mov
3 Dmtv by Flowjob
4 Reactor (Yestermorrow remix) by Protonica
5 Floating Theory by Moon Tripper
6 Agate by Astrix and Ritmo
7 Mechanical Dreams by Zen Mechanics and Audiotec
8 Commies (Avalon and Laughing Buddha Remix) by Circuit Breakers