AZimmick is set to perform on the main stage of this year’s Dance For Peace Festival – check out the festival and I look forward to seeing you on the dance floor of the wonderful Island of the Gods!


AZimmick is a psychedelic music project focused on both uptempo and downtempo styles of music. AZimmick is both a DJ engaged in the curation of the best psychedelic music as well as a music producer focused on creating the highest quality sounds possible.

AZimmick had been a DJ and music producer for many years before starting the AZimmick project – as a DJ he played in clubs across China, rocked the decks at parties in America, and had a residency playing away the sunsets at one of Bali’s coolest beach clubs. As a music producer he worked with rappers on America’s east coast, produced and mixed for rock bands in Jakarta, and is the designer who created Music Academy Bali’s music production course.

October of 2016 was a game-changer; AZimmick attended his first Psychedelic festival in Bali – Dance for Peace. From this incredible experience the AZimmick project was born and has been going full-tilt ever since.

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